Advantages of Sports Massage for the Unprofessional

Benefits of Massage Therapy after a Hard Day at the Gym

Massage therapy is not just for professional athletes and physical performers. It’s available to everyone, and although sports massage is most popular among athletes, you can always give it a try.

Sports massage is one of the more common services you can receive. It’s a combination of techniques that affects the musculoskeletal system. It promotes good health and faster tissue recovery. It’s extremely effective before, after, or during major spots events, or heavy training sessions.

Injury therapySports massage therapy is not universal! It promotes faster muscle recovery, fights fatigue, helps increase the patient’s flexibility, and improves their endurance. All in all, it helps your body perform better, and prepares it for working under stress and pressure.

It involves two types of techniques:

The first one is used for starting the session. It’s called effleurage. In it, the massage therapist uses long stroking motions to help warm up the patient’s body. It improves blood flow and relaxes the muscles. It can be a blissful experience after a hard training. This technique of massage therapy helps prevent inflammation in the muscle tissues which is the reason for muscle soreness.

Petrissage, or “kneading”, is the other technique used commonly for treating sports traumas and injuries. It’s much rougher than the previous and also a bit deeper. It requires both hands to perform and includes procedures like pressing, lifting, kin rolling, knuckling, and so on. It helps address deeper muscle problems. Besides that, it helps the muscles work at optimal capacity, keeps them fit, and also promotes better blood circulation.

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So, if your job requires you to work with your muscles, or you enjoy working out, then a sports massage is something you can greatly benefit from. When done before training, it gets you prepared for it, and afterwards, it helps you recover from the stress. Furthermore, it prevents all muscle soreness, allowing you to stay fit and active.

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