Why Do Consumers Book Massage Therapies?

Is Applying Medical Massage More Efficient than Traditional Medicine?

96% of US massage therapists believe that medical massage should be part of the healthcare field. Massage Therapy 4U of San Antonio, TX makes no exception. We believe that massage therapy can bring great relief to people suffering from different diseases and pains.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are incorporating massage therapy into their regular wellness and health regimens to assist with clinical conditions.

  • Back Pain75% of all people who call us for “medical help” claim that their primary reason for receiving a massage in the past was medical (43%) and stress-related (32%).
  •  Half of the people who have had a massage received it for medical reasons, including: soreness, stiffness, or spasms; for prevention or to improve quality of live; to relieve or manage stress; because they needed injury recovery; to control migraines and headaches, or to feel healthy in general.
  •  About 50% of the people who contacted us for a massage therapy claimed that their doctor encouraged or strongly recommended them to get a massage.
  •  89% of our clients believe that massage therapy can be an effective way of health improvement.

44% of people who called us at (210) 202-4253 claimed that they were highly motivated to do it knowing that a massage will bring them medical benefits.