An Outstanding Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for You

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 Massage Therapy 4U has been offering affordable massage services to clients in San Antonio, TX and all surrounding areas for the past 12 years. To our valued clients, we provide a variety of services. This page, we dedicate to the effective deep tissue massage that a capable massage therapist from our team can perform for you.


What is a Deep Tissue Massage?


This type of bodywork focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia of the body. It uses deep pressure and slow strokes. It is possible for the patient to feel pain at certain points during the massage, or some discomfort. This may happen when your therapy service provider works on areas that contain adhesions (also known as muscle “knots”) or scar tissue. However, if you let the therapist know about your pain, they will adjust their technique so that the discomfort you experience will be minimal.


How It Is Performed

 The most common techniques used in this kind of massage are:

  • Stripping – The pressure is deep and gliding, along the muscle fibers’ length. The therapist uses their elbow, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs for this technique.
  • Friction – The pressure is applied against the grain of the muscle for the purpose of releasing muscle tension and realigning muscle fibers.

How It Differs from other Types Of Massage

Unlike the relaxation and stress relief massages, one of which is the Swedish modality, the deep tissue massage is not just for pleasure but also to help treat health conditions such as:

  • Chronic Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Scar Tissue – it helps break it.
  • Injured Muscles
  • Mental Tension

 Is Deeper Better?

 When talking about massage, the value of each modality depends on the kind of problems you have and the purpose of the massage. If you are looking for just relaxation after a hard day of work – the Swedish massage,  for example, will be right for you. But if you are looking to address a specific issue, then a good deep tissue massage may be what you need.

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