What’s the Difference between Deep Tissue and Sports Massage?

A Sports Massage Therapist Explains the Pros and Cons of the Two Techniques

There’s much to be said about massage therapy. It has plenty of applications even in daily life. Massage therapies vary around the world. Different nations and ethnic groups have developed different ways to keep their bodies fit. There are two techniques that sometimes get mixed up and confused. Those two are deep tissue and sports massage therapies.

As a deep tissue massage therapist, I know all there is to know about the two, so here is what I can tell you about the similarities and differences between them:


Both techniques are performed for enhancing the performance of the musculoskeletal system. They work with pretty much the same organs and body parts. So, regardless of which one you chose, you will get a big tough muscle rubbing. Both techniques affect the deeper layers of muscle tissue, so if you have muscle soreness, this is what you need. The procedures can help improve your body’s performance, regeneration rate, durability, and capacity to perform better. Also, getting a massage before a stressful physical job helps prepare the body for action and prevents injuries.


There are several key differences between the two techniques. For example, a deep tissue massage therapist is likely to move and arrange the limbs of the client during the procedure. It helps the practitioner approach the muscles from a different angle that gives him a better chance to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissues. On the other hand, sports massage rarely involves arranging the limbs of the patient in various poses. Sports massage is designed to be performed on people in medical stretchers, so no additional moving is required. The procedures may require the patient to fire his muscles repeatedly to help increase the effect of the massage. Sports massage loosens the muscles which in turn improves their performance and efficiency. It also improves the posture of the body.

Both techniques are performed for keeping patients fit and helping them perform better. If you ever need a reliable deep tissue massage therapist in San Antonio, TX, then Massage Therapy 4U is the one to call. We are available for calls and appointments at (210) 202-4253.