The benefits of massage therapy

You cannot make wrong choice with massage therapy there are no disadvantages. Therapeutic massage combines the knowledge of science with the power of touch to create a risk free option to relieve stress or ailment. Medical massage and massage therapy go hand in hand.Having a relaxing massage is therapeutic for the mind body and soul. It relaxes you by allowing your muscles to enjoy the power of touch. Medical massage is often prescribed by your physician or chiropractor. With medical massage there is a focus on a particular part of the body. Therapeutic massage has many different areas of concentration. At Massage 4U you can discuss with your massage therapist what areas you feel need to be focused on more so you can be completely satisfied and relaxed after the massage session.

Massage therapy can relieve stress!

Touch is one of the most powerful senses we have. It has the ability to heal, soothe, comfort, evoke fear or produce pleasure. A unique benefit about the power of touch is that it has the ability to heighten other senses. Because of this a lot of massage therapist use scented candle of incense to entice the aroma in the room. No matter your preference therapeutic massages is a smart health care option that everyone should try at least once in his/her life.

The majority of individuals live through their life with what is known as muscle knots or trigger points. Most of us begin to form trigger points (muscle knots) early in life; some as early as infancy. These trigger points are the source of the pain, but they radiate pain throughout. You may have pain in your shoulder but the trigger point causing the pain could be in your back. A trained massage therapist can find your trigger points and apply the proper amount of treatment which will optimally increase you overall health. Although they are to different practices, medical massage and massage therapy both have the same goal: get you to a healthier state. That’s another benefit of therapeutic massage, different techniques can be used together or separately and still achieves great results.

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