Top 10 Stretching Mistakes Part 1

Reasons Why People Need Deep Tissue Massage More Often

Believe it or not, stretching is a bit of a controversial topic with the likes of personal trainers, and exercise professionals.

Mistake – Stretching knots
When exercising frequently, your muscle fibres are easily cross-linked, knotted, and connected to each another in a pattern known as adhesion. Think of these adhesions or knots, like a rope that is knotted in the middle. Should you pull both ends together, what will happen? Simple, the knot will get tighter, and harder to untie! This is how stretching could make things worse should you have adhesions and knots. Which is why many professionals swear by deep tissue massage; this technique will help to un-knot these problems.

So how does one remove these knots? It starts with doing soft tissue work before beginning a stretching routine. Soft tissue work includes such things as foam rolling, precise deep tissue massage, using a ball against any tight knotted areas, and finding and subsequently eliminating all hard areas where knots are likely to form. Once a muscle is knot free, it is safer to stretch.

Mistake – Stretching using bad posture
Try bending to touch your toes, stop! Are you using your hips to bend, or is your back bent over? Now try again; however, this time make sure to keep your back straight, and then look forward. Can you stretch as far as before?

The sad fact is, most people do leg and arm stretches using bad posture, which means they only use their back or neck to get into the position they want; this results in too much stress placed upon the spine and the vertebra and will cause back and neck pain, in addition to headaches and muscle strain.

Just like when lifting weights, swimming, running, or just riding a bike, you should try not to be hunched over with bad posture when stretching.

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