Top 10 Stretching Mistakes Part 2

Reasons Why People Need to Use a Massage Service More Often

Mistake – Stretching Imbalance
Regardless of whether it’s standing to touch your toes or lying down to stretch the legs, it seems that stretching hamstrings is popular. Everybody is doing it. However, the problem is many people forget about the muscles in the front of the body, and even more important, the hip flexors. One of the most important muscles any massage therapist experts would tell us can get very tight when you’ve been sitting for too long is the psoas.

The psoas is simple to stretch, however, the problem is most people spend too much time stretching the back of their legs and are left with weak hamstrings that have extremely tight psoas. This can cause back pain, bad posture and shortened strides.

So what is the best way to stretch psoas? It’s simple really. Stand up, then lunge with one foot forward, and place the other one back. Now, raise your arms, lastly, lean away from the leg which is behind you. Should you do this correctly, you’ll feel the pull in the front leg which is behind you, close to your groin.

Mistake – Stretching Stress
One thing you’ll learn should you visit a yoga class or use a massage service is how to perform diaphragmatic breathing. This is because should you breathe in a shallow way while performing yoga or you grit your teeth when stretching, you’ll end up with stretching a muscle which is tight. This is similar to stretching a rubber band which doesn’t want to stretch, you can risk getting a strain, sprain, or even breaking that rubber band.

Even though stretching when stressed is not a good idea, stretching is a good way to decrease stress. So when you do stretch, take deep and relaxed breaths via your nose and out through your lips or nose. Should you see yourself breathing shallow or from the chest, then stop, focus on relaxing and letting your cares slip away. Then carry on stretching.

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