Have a Closer Look at Our Reliable Massage Services in San Antonio, TX

Self-care is extremely important, which is why Massage 4U is here to help clients relax, release stress, and get a soothing massage that can relieve pain. Licensed and experienced, we always deliver professional services that meet our clients’ needs and expectations. We work with clients throughout San Antonio, TX where we can offer the following therapy options at competitive rates:

Medical Massage

If you are suffering from a certain medical condition that a medical massage might help with, we are always happy to provide our professional services. In general, this type of therapy can reduce inflammation and pain, calm and soothe the nervous system, improve range of motion, help with flexibility, and enhance posture and coordination.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

We can personalize every massage session to focus most on each client’s problem areas. In general, such therapeutic massage sessions can help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, speed up recovery of soft tissue, increase joint mobility, and much more.

Deep Tissue Massage

This variety of massage therapy focuses on removing pain and stiffness from muscles and deep tissue. It can be quite beneficial to those suffering from sports injuries, fibromyalgia, and similar conditions. By manipulating the connective tissue, this type of massage helps the body heal and learn to repair itself faster.

Massage Therapy

Regular massages provided by seasoned professionals can certainly enhance one’s quality of life. Even if a client is not experiencing any pain that would make a massage more necessary, regular treatments can help promote proper blood flow to the muscles, enhance posture, help relieve stress and anxiety, and provide many other benefits. We are always prepared to provide regular massage therapy at fair rates.


Treat yourself to a soothing massage and enjoy the benefits to your body and mind by setting up an appointment with Massage 4U at your convenience. We are happy to speak to our clients and answer their inquiries at (210) 202-4253. Operating within San Antonio, TX, we always provide quality service. Reach out to us today!

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